What is a Happiness Coach?

happiness coachWould you like to be happier? Of course! And, chances are you’re learning some of Life’s lessons and gaining some nuggets of wisdom here and there. The hard way.

Want to speed up the process? As a Happiness Coach, PJ helps you get crystal clear on what happiness is for you and how to start creating it today. You will:

  • Find deeply meaningful purpose in life
  • Increase your life satisfaction
  • Get the judgement-free encouragement and listening ear you deserve
  • Set meaningful goals and keep them

PJ Ferguson is a Happiness Coach, Author, International Speaker and all-around happiness advocate. Having lived a tough life and found happiness, he has dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible find inner peace and happiness. Through Happiness Coaching he has helped many people take light-years off their process, helping them remove obstacles in their lives and follow their hearts.

If you’re serious about being happier, you can read PJ’s book about happiness, or get some coaching. Complete the form below for a free Discovery Session. See if Happiness Coaching is right for you!

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