Happy Hour Happiness Hangouts

Special time: Thursday 6/9 at 10am Pacific

This week’s topic is:

Science vs. Spirituality

Can you believe Science and still be Spiritual?

Science is fascinating and fun. It has opened countless doors to new technologies and ways of understanding our world. But it doesn’t answer some of the bigger questions like, “Who am I, really? Why am I hear? Where do I fit in the world?” Spirituality answers many of these questions and brings peace, but the Scientific community often discredits Spirituality as invalid. Does believing in one exclude the other?

Speaker Matthias Raemdonck joins us:

Math teacher by day, spiritual philosopher by night. He speaks about such things as: The nature of life, consciousness, reality, meditation, motivation, heartbreak, science, linguistics. He shares from his own experiences and life lessons learned. Next to that he likes fitness, healthy food and travel. `
Follow him on Instagram: www.instagram.com/matthiasrrr

Happy Hour Happiness Hangouts

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